Blower Air Relief Valve Female NPT

Blower Air Relief Valve Female NPT

Part Number 2182F/5
Material Aluminum
Female Thread NPT
Female Thread Size 2"
Pressure Setting 5 PSI
Weight Lb 4.5100


  • Designed specifically for use on tractor mounted air blowers. The 2181 air relief valves have a temperature compensated pressure relief setting to accommodate the high temperatures and dynamic air produced by the blower. If a system blockage were to occur, the valves are designed to vent to atmosphere once the valve pressure setting is achieved.


  • High relieving capacity varies between 800 SCFM and 1700 SCFM depending upon the chosen set pressure.
  • Installed cup seal deters tampering
  • Anodized aluminum body reduces thread galling


  • Aluminum anodized hard coat
  • White food grade silicone poppet and diaphragm


  • The popular pressure setting for truck mounted blowers is 20 PSI. Valves are available for other applications with temperature compensated pressure settings of between 3 PSI and 24 PSI. Customer should request set pressure at time of order.
  • The 2182 valve will relieve at the ordered set pressure at a temperature of 400°F / 204°C. At room temperature 73°F / 22°C the 2182 valve will relieve approximately 4 PSI higher than the ordered set pressure.
  • The product label shows the set relief pressure at the blow operating temperature, plus the relief pressure at 73°F / 22°C (for testing purposes). Depending on the blower type, amount of vibration and operating temperature a difference of observable set pressure may occur.
  • Example: 2182-18 is set to relieve at 18 PSI while at operating temperature. This same valve will test at 22 PSI while at room temperature on a test bench. Both set points are listed on the label.


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