Air Relief Valve Fixed Pressure Female NPT

Air Relief Valve Fixed Pressure Female NPT

Part Number A3180/24
Material Aluminum
Component Material Red Silicone Diaphragm
Female Thread NPT
Female Thread Size 3"
Pressure Setting 24 PSI
Set Pressure Tolerance +1/0 PSI
Optional Pkg/Box Qty 1
Weight Lb 0.0100


  • Designed specifically for use on trailer tanks containing dry bulk products. If a system blockage were to occur the valves are designed to vent to atmosphere once the valve pressure setting is achieved.


  • Trailer/Tank Mounted Air Relief Valve


  • Relieving capacity: 750 to 1500 SCFM


  • Installed cup seal deters tampering
  • Bayloy body eliminates thread galling


  • Bayloy vent cowl with aluminum upper
  • Bronze poppet
  • Red Silicone Diaphragm

Available Options

  • PVC coated wire lanyard available for securing air relief valves


  • Relieving capacity (SCFM) varies dependent upon model and pressure setting. For specific rates please contact Dixon.

Safety notes

  • Not intended for blower service (for blower service applications see the 2182 series air relief valves)


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