A9660LG Composite Cryogenic LPG Hose

A9660LG Composite Cryogenic LPG Hose

Part Number A9660-S6S6-LG-050
Color White
ID 50mm
Length 40m
Unit Weight 2.5 kg/m
Working Pressure 25 Bar
Burst Pressure 125 Bar
Temperature Range -105°C to +100°C
Bend Radius 180mm


  • Suction & Delivery
  • Designed for transferring fully refrigerated conveyants such as Liquid Petroleum Gas, Propane & Butane down to 105°C as well as liquid Ethane.


  • Wide temperature operation range, lightweight, hardwearing and flexible


  • Reinforcement/Lining: Polyamide fabrics and films and polyester films, grade 316 (or 304 available) stainless steel wire inner and outer helix
  • Cover: Polyvinyl coated polyester fibre cover with outer Stainless Steel wire

Available Options

  • Hoses manufactured as an assembly to customer specification. S6S6 denotes stainless (S), grade 316 (6), inner and outer wires, other grades of wire helix are available.


  • Hose specifications may be subject to change without prior notice.
  • Hose specification data sheets are available on request please consult customer service.
  • Hose pressures are indicative only, please confirm with customer service.


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