ABS Standard Dry Gauge Center Back Mount

ABS Standard Dry Gauge Center Back Mount

Part Number GC625
Mount 1/8"
Size 1-1/2" Face
Pressure Range 0-200 PSI
Temperature Range -40°F to 150°F (-40°C to 65.6°C)
Weight Lb 0.1100


  • All of the gauges supplied by Dixon are designed for long, reliable service under rugged conditions. Typical applications include those on pumps, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, compressors, machine tools and many other installations where it is necessary to have a gauge with a non-corrosive movement.


  • ASME B40.1, Grade B (± 3-2-3% accuracy)
  • Figure interval: 20
  • Minor gradient: 5


  • PowerFlex™ movement with polyester segment, designed to resist the effects of shock, vibration and pulsation.


  • Polycarbonate window
  • Black aluminum pointer
  • ABS plastic case, corrosion resistant
  • C-shaped bronze safety bourdon tube
  • Center back mount


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