Safety Check Valve BSP

Safety Check Valve BSP

Part Number SCVL12-BSP
Material Brass
Size 1-1/2"
Thread BSP
Maximum Operating Pressure 250 PSI (17 bar)
Burst Pressure 2000 PSI (138 bar)
Maximum Temperature 250°F (121°C)
Flow 940 CFM
Cut - Off Flow Rate 300 - 360 SCFM at 90 PSI
Weight Lb 5.0000


  • Conforms to OSHA regulation 1926.302 (b) (7) requiring a safety device at the source of the air supply and at branch air lines
  • Flow rating is Air Flow 30.5m (100' CFM)


  • High flow design results in maximum flow with minimal pressure drop.
  • Automatically and instantly protects the operator against hose whip in the event of a damaged hose or coupling.
  • In the event of a hose rupture or coupling failure, the valve will automatically reset after the problem is fixed.
  • Controls excess air flow (SCFM) in only one direction


  • Solid brass body and valve
  • Stainless steel spring and roll pin

Available Options

  • SCV-Series valves are available in a large selection of sizes ranging from 1/4" to 3", NPTF or BSPP/BSPT threads.

How it works

  • Safety check valves operate by using the pressure differential across the valve to operate the valve and spring assembly. The pressure differential is directly related to the flow of air (SCFM) through the valve.
  • When the pressure differential is within operating limits- below the cutoff flow- of the unit, the force on the valve exerted by the spring is greater than that caused by the pressure differential. The valve remains open and normal operation continues.
  • When the pressure differential is above the cutoff limit, the force on the valve exerted by the pressure differential is greater than the force exerted by the spring, and the valve closes.
  • After the repair is made, normal operation is automatically enabled when pressure across the valve equalizes through the bleeder hole.
  • The valve spring size can be specified by determining the air flow during normal operation and by estimating air flow if a failure or rupture occurs.

Safety notes

  • Not recommended for applications requiring 100% of the available air supply. These applications include, but are not limited to, sand blast equipment, pile driving rigs and expansion joint blow down pipes.
  • It is recommended to install auxiliary safety devices, including Safety Cables, to ensure optimum safety for the operator in the event of a coupling failure or hose rupture.
  • Does not prevent backflow.
  • Air flow rating is based upon calculated values using unobstructed air flow for the applicable hose size.


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