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Part NumberDescriptionUsed onMaterial
5000AIHDSKPiston and seal kit5000AIHD air interlock valve
5000AIHKReplacement mounting bolts and lock washers5000AIR, 5000AIHD, 5000AIV, 5000AI, 5000AIS, 5000AIST air interlock valves
5000Selectronic switch attachment kit5000AIS air interlock valvesAluminum
5000STreplacement 1-1/2" plunger button and nut5000AIST air interlock valvesAluminum
5006AIRHDSKPiston and seal kit 5006AIRHD
5000STHDReplacement 1-1/2" plunger assembly5000AIHD heavy duty air interlock valve
5000AIRRK1Replacement roller ball5000AIR air interlock valve
5000AIRK2Plunger button extension and sleeve kit5000AI, 5000AIS & 5000AIST air interlock valve